This page gives links to etymological discussions in this blog, classified by language


gjew < *[N-k](r)aw ‘elevated’ here
hjuX < *[ɢ]ʷ(r)aʔ ‘feather, wing’ here
khwenX < *[k]ʷʰˤ[e][n]ʔ ‘dog’ here
kjew < *[k](r)aw ‘kind of pheasant’ here
sywijX < *s.turʔ ‘water, river’ here
zywin < *sə.dur ‘lip’ here
  *thu[n] ‘egg’ here
*[tsʰ]ˤuʔ ‘grass’ here
 *[s-q]ʷˤə[n]ʔ ‘diminish’ here
*[ɢ]a[n]    ‘pass, go beyond’ here
 *[ɢ](r)ə[r] small of the back here
 *m-q(r)aʔ (faulty reconstruction)
‘give; for; and’ here
*[l]ˤuʔ > dawX > dào ‘rice plant’ here


ཆུ chu water’ here
ཁྱི khyi dog’ here
མཆུ mchu lip’ here
སྒྲོ sgro large feather’ here
སྐུར skur ‘abuse’ here
རྩྭ rtswa ‘grass’ here
སྒལ་པ sgal-pa back of man, back of beast of burden, small of the back’  here
རྒལ་པ rgal-pa to step, pass or climb over; to ford  here


shagrau to praise, extol’ here
shagrau the interior layer under the skin of fruits like the pomelo’ here


dəy water’ here
(gusu)təy lip’ here
səy(má) dog’ here
dəy egg’ here


ui dog’ here
tui water’ here
tui egg’ here

Proto-Karen (LuangThongkum)

thej A water’ here
thwi B dog’ here
Ɂdej B egg’ here